The Afghanistan Youth National and Social Organization (AYNSO) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established by young adults and registered on 10 March, 2008 in Afghanistan. AYNSO strives to create a youth democratic society where all young people particularly disadvantaged and at-risk are valued without any discrimination as the most promising resource available to meet personal and societal needs. Founded in 2008, AYNSO is a legally registered with Ministry of Economy as non-profit organization operating in 34 provinces and Kuchi Tribes of Afghanistan. AYNSO is dedicated to address the social, civil and democratic needs, issues, and problems of youth and women, and shape their social & economic development through advocacy, rights awareness, networking and capacity building programs throughout Afghanistan. AYNSO is a grass root level organization emerged with the aim to advocate youth, marginalized, poor and disadvantage communities on their rights to education, democracy and equal opportunity for social services.

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Town hall meeting, Province: Nangarhar07/05/2013


No. Participants: 213 (162 Males, 51 Females).
Location: Hall of Haji Fazel Hotel and Restaurant.

Key Attendees:1-    Representative of Nangrahar Governor Office and Admin and Finance In charge Qareebullah Hijrat.

2-    Chief of youth affairs for Nangarhar province Matiullah Ahmadzai.
3-    Abdul Basir Sabawon chief of supervision and evaluation committee for human rights.
4-    Chief of civil society and rights Dr. Nimatullah Hamdard.

Town hall meeting, Province: PaktiaDate: 30/05/2013

Paktia Province

No. Participants: 205 (160 males, 45 Females)
Location: 2ndConference hall of municipality department.

Key Attendees: Abdul Wali Sahi deputy provincial governor, Mohammad Shafiq Popal chief chairman of AYNSO, Mohammad Shefa Mushfeq chief of Department Information and Culture, Mohammad Sherin Sapai chief of bank for eastern zone, MafadZeer representative of Department of Finance, and Dr. Akhtar Gul Chief of Rules and Regulation Directorate for Public Health Department.

Public Affairs Section/US Embassy Funded Projects22/10/2010

Funded Projects

AYNSO implemented a US Embassy grant in Baraki Barak and Mohammad Agha districts of Logar province. Through the grant AYNSO established two district learning centers in which youth learns English and computer skills. The project was funded for one year; however, it is still ongoing as the centers generate enough revenue to cover costs. Mohammad Aqha district learning center established on 22/10/2010 and continued till 23/10/2011 with US Embassy support in which total of 600 youth educated in English, Computer and Internet skills and after then,

Extra Curricular Activities

ANYSO is a member of the International Election Commission (IEC). In 2009 presidential and provincial elections AYNSO conducted voter’s education for 500,000 voters. On Election Day AYNSO mobilized its members and provided transportation for 350,000 voters in rural areas of Afghanistan and meanwhile conducted domestic observation mission all over the country to assure fair and transparent election.

• In the 2010 parliamentary election, AYNSO further educated 100,000 additional voters about elections and their political rights and obligations.

• During the 2009 and 2010 presidential and parliamentary elections in addition to providing technical support to open minded candidates, AYNSO also observed many elections posts in many provinces across the country.

• In 2012 right after the Tokyo conference where the international community committed to support Afghanistan on the condition that Afghanistan fight corruption, AYNSO hold the country’s first anti-corruption rally where several hundred of its members marched to the Afghan parliament in an effort to say NO to corruption. International and national media provided coverage to the rally.