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Sunday, 21 April 2013 02:55
  • ANYSO is a member of the International Election Commission (IEC). In 2009 presidential and provincial elections AYNSO conducted voter’s education for 500,000 voters. On Election Day AYNSO mobilized its members and provided transportation for 350,000 voters in rural areas of Afghanistan and meanwhile conducted domestic observation mission all over the country to assure fair and transparent election.

  • In the 2010 parliamentary election, AYNSO further educated 100,000 additional voters about elections and their political rights and obligations.

  • During the 2009 and 2010 presidential and parliamentary elections in addition to providing technical support to open minded candidates, AYNSO also observed many elections posts in many provinces across the country.

  • In 2012 right after the Tokyo conference where the international community committed to support Afghanistan on the condition that Afghanistan fight corruption, AYNSO hold the country’s first anti-corruption rally where several hundred of its members marched to the Afghan parliament in an effort to say NO to corruption. International and national media provided coverage to the rally.

  • Number of AYNSO members in Herat province stood-up in supporting the demonstration organized and mobilized by hundreds of labors who requested government to provide them job opportunities. The demonstration was for two days Jan 30-31, each day started at 9 and ended by noon. The two days demonstration followed with several meetings with elected and appointed officials to find out best possible solutions for that issue. The meetings were organized and coordinated by AYNSO with different government departments and number of elected officials which at the end, promises were made, by the officials, to resolve the challenge.

  • AYNSO branch in Guzara district of Herat province organized a football mach named Peach Tournament where 16 football teams participated in the competatio match. The competition match started on December 15, 2012 and ended by Jan 20, 2013 with victory of one team. The teams got first, second and third positions received prizes by AYNSO and appreciation by local government.

  • Through ISGF, AYNSO provincial branch in Logar province established English learning center for women in Puli Alam. The learning center was established on 9/5/2011 and continued for four months and during these four months 80 women have been educated in English language. After then, due to insecurity, women could not continue attending the classes, so AYNSO started educating youth instead to have the learning center open. AYNSO is looking for a safe place to move the center, so that women could come and learn.

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