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Monday, 06 May 2013 05:43

Follow Up Meeting Report
Province: Logar
District: Puli Alam
Location/Address: Hawza-e-Awal, beside Karti Mamoorin, Department of Provincial Police
Date: Monday March 4, 2013
Number of Participants: 8 (7 men, 1 woman)
Key attendees: Provincial Councilor Ms. Nafisa Hijran, Head of Provincial Council Dr. Abdul Wali, Chief of Police Department Abdul Saboor Nasrati, AYNSO Chief Chairman Mohammad Shafiq Popal, AYNSO Vice Chairman Mr. Mohammad Tahir Naadi, AYNSO member Mr. Abdul Ahad, AYNSO member Aminullah Safa and AYNSO member Mohammad Mosa Ahmadi
AYNSO provincial chapter in Logar province held a meeting on Monday March 4 in order to follow the promises made by officials during the town-hall meeting conducted on Wednesday November 21 2012. The same day, AYNSO held two different meetings; first meeting was with head of provincial council and second meeting was with chief of Police Department but together with a provincial councilor, Ms. Nafisa Hijran. In the first meeting held at the provincial council, AYNSO leadership together with provincial councilors including head of provincial council evaluated and assessed the result of the town-hall meeting and to make sure things happened, they met with chief of Department of Police afterwards. In the second meeting held at the Department of Police, chief of Department of Police Mr. Abdul Saboor Nasrati briefed them about the plan they made to improve security in that province. Head of provincial council, Dr. Abdul Wali sent one of provincial councilors, Ms. Nafisa Hijran to accompany AYNSO team while meeting with chief of police.
Chief of Police, Mr. Nasrati also added that he had a brief meeting with commander of the ANA (Afghan National Army) brigade in Logar province where he emphasized on strengthening cooperation and coordination between ANA and ANP (Afghan Local Police). Since, ANA controlling the highway between Logar and Kabul and are responsible for security of it, therefore chief of police agreed to have controls on the villages in order to reduce the limits of opposition’s operation and for that he promised to officially request Ministry of Interior for establishment of checkpoints in Sarsang Qala and Zarghoon Shahr and other similar strategic areas soon and get the approval. He also focused on the positive impacts of Afghan Local Police (ALP) in brining security in different areas like Baraki Barak and Azra districts and number of central villages (Kulangar, Porak, Kamalkhail, Rah Khoshi) and the plan for increasing the number of ALPs in various other parts of Logar province.
However, during the town-hall meeting, provincial governor Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Aziz promised to increase number of Afghan Local Police to improve security, so therefore he went to Mohammadaqha district, after the town-hall meeting and asked influenced people to introduce youths to become ALP. Influenced elders promised to introduce youths but requested for urgent establishment. During the meeting, number of youths complained about district attorney who was a corrupted person and as a result provincial governor dismissed him.

Note: AYNSO provided lunch for the participants before the meeting with provincial councilors and chief of police, since they were invited for lunch somewhere else and asked AYNSO to come over and meet with them afterwards.




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