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Monday, 06 May 2013 05:56

Civic/Voter Education Training Workshop
Province: Paktya
District: Gardiz
Location/Address: Ghazni Lain, Gran Hotel
Date: Wednesday March 6, 2013
Number of Participants: 55 (All men)
Key attendees: Head of Department of Counter Narcotics of Ahmadabad district Mr. Abdul Mobin, Speaker of Youth Science Foundation Mr. Omar Gul, Tribal Elder Mr. Asghar, Tribal Elder Mr. Zarif, Religious Mullah Mr. Kashmir, AYNSO provincial chairman Mr. Sakhi Jan Wafayar
Participants represented: Gardiz, Ahmadabad, Zormat, Sayed Karam, Ahmadkhail, Laji Mangal, Showak and Samkani districts
AYNSO provincial chapter in Paktya province held a training workshop on Civic/Voter Education on Wednesday March 6 in Gran Hotel in which total of 55 individuals (all men) representing different parts of the Paktya province participated. All the participants provided with copies of handouts after the workshop began with recitation of holly Quran and brief introduction of the program by AYNSO provincial chairman, Mr. Sakhi Jan Wafayar. Mr. Wafayar used the same method of the training as he obtained in IRI. The topics of the training were on Advocacy, Good Governance and Election. Each of the topics took 60-90 minutes training including Q&A by the participants.
Most of the subjects concerning each topic was somehow linked with Profit Mohammad (PBU
H) Ahadises and other religious issues (for example; election was held for the first time when Muslims asked Profit Mohammad “PBUH” on who should be replaced with him and he said that it is up to you, so you select the one who you trust more) to prove the importance of the topics.
Also, as part of the subjects, participants focused on citizen’s right and more specifically women’s right and while discussing women’s right, number of scholars focused on Islam given the value and importance to women.
Most of the participants were not aware of what they were taught, therefore they showed full interest and were deeply listening to the training. Also, they promised to deliver all the lessons learnt to other parts of the communities under their influence.  
All the participants requested AYNSO to conduct similar workshops at district level, since they are neglected and forgotten.  
The meeting officially ended at 2:00 after lunch was served by the AYNSO officials.




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