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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 16:19

Province: Baghlan
District: Baghlane Markazi
Date: 21/05/2013
No. of Participants: 56 (Male: 45    Female: 11)
Subject: Civic Voter Education Training Workshop
Location: BaharHotel and Restaurant
Key attendees: Sadruding Sediqi Acting District governor, Ms. Amina Jaan chief of Development and Awareness Organization for Women Affairs, Amad Jan Representative of Tanweer TV, Ghulam Nabi Announcer for Radio Paiman, Mohammad Paiwand Amin Director of Youths for Culture and Information Department, Nasir Ahmad Arbab member of Public Shuras, Mohammad Ehsan Member of Tribal Shuras and Ghulam Rabani SakhiZada AYNSO PC.

AYNSO provincial leadership in Baghlan province held a training workshop on Civic/Voter Education on Tuesday May 21st in Bahar Hotel and restaurant in which total of 56 individuals (45men and 11 females) representing different parts of the Baghlan province participated. The workshop began with recitation of holly Quran and brief introduction of the program by AYNSO provincial chairman Mr. Ghulam Rabani Sakhyzada who pointed out the three issues Good Governance and Advocacy, Women’s Right and Elections.

The AYNSO PC, in detail, explained the purpose and procedure of the program to the participants and all the participants committed to actively take part and termed such programs very beneficial in the current situation of the country despite challenges. They also insisted that if such programs are extended to district and village level, it will be even more effective and it will increase awareness of the people and they will understand their responsibilities.  
The audiences were asked to state their main questions and concerns to guest speakers for which the speakers provided detailed answers.
1-    GhulamNabi one of the participants asked, “We are advancing towards democracy and on the other hand people take advantage of democracy and crime rates and violence increase, why is that?”
In response Mr. Shamsullah Arbab (influenced elder) said, “Brother! You are right; today our government has been suffering from this challenge and people take advantage of their governmental positions, we have several times consulted with government agencies regarding these challenges and had meetings with organizations for Anti-violence and they have promised to help us in this regard. Hopefully we can overcome this problem in near future.”
2-    Ms. Frozan one of the female participants asked, “The concept of the program was well explained by Mr. Sakhyzada, but how can we effectively implement these kinds of awareness programs in district level?”
Mr. Sadrudding acting district governor said, “In order to effectively implement such programs we need cooperation of our public to support AYNSO programs, because only one organization cannot do it lonely. Also please share with your families and relatives, what you learned about these programs here from these meetings. i can assure you, it will be very effective.”
After lunch break Mr. Sakhyzada began discussions with participants regarding elections rights of people to vote where participants raised few good questions and Mr. Sakhyzada with full patience provided answers.
1-    Ms. Shakila an employee of Women Affairs Department said, “Women in election or presidency nominations are not given opportunities, why the government does not pay any considerations.”
2-    Mohammad Salem said, “From the day presidential campaigns begin, insecurity increases in the country and exploiters provide grounds for embezzlement, so how can we have a fair elections?”
Mr. Sakhyzada said, “Women in every country create half of the society, they have the right to elect or be elected, constitution of Afghanistan provides you this opportunity and we currently have a lot of women who work in key positions in the government. We have women as governors, members of Senate, Parliament, provincial council and they all function very effectively. So hopefully we see women candidates in the upcoming presidential elections too.
Mr. Sakhyzada in his last response said, “Dear brother, we understand that day by day insecurity in the country increases, but that doesn’t reflect to upcoming presidential election, there are so many other factors such as withdrawal of coalition forces, interference of neighboring counties, armed anti government elements and many other political parties that cause insecurity in Afghanistan, but hopefully this upcoming presidential election will ensure a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.” The meeting finally ended at 4:00 after the participants and chief guests thanked AYNSO for such effective programs and workshops throughout the country.




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