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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 16:26

Province: Nangarhar
District: Surkhrod
Date: 05/05/2013
No. of Participants: 50 (Male: 32    Female: 18   )
Subject: Civic/Voter Education Training Workshop
Location: conference hall of Surkhrod District governor office.
Key attendees: Haji Mohammad Anwar Deputy district governor for Surkhrod, Aziz-ur-Rahman representative of Surkhrod Scholars and intellectuals shura, Khoshal Khan Director of NDS for Surkhrod, chief of CID Hamid Stanikzai, Noor Ahmad Noorani AYNSO PC and AYNSO Program Coordinator Qudratullah Shekib.
AYNSO provincial leadership conducted its training workshop on Civic/Voter Education at the conference hall of Surkhrod District governor office on 05/05.2013 where 50 participants (32 Males and 18 females) including influential leaders, members of civil society, elders, scholars, youths, girls and women participated.
The program began by recitation of Holy Quran, later Mr. Noor Ahmad Noorani the PC for AYNSO welcomed the chief guests and participants and provided detailed description of the agenda and program which was about good governance, extensive participation in voting and its transparency in the upcoming presidential elections and women’s rights. He stated that challenges and problems regarding these issues will be communicated with governor’s office in order to propose feasible solutions. Mr. Noorani also mentioned that youths in this province are always ready to conduct such programs to increase people’s awareness in the districts and villages. Mr. Noorani thanked the governor’s office and other government agencies that have always been supportive and reached out to AYNSO activities in Nangarhar province.
Then deputy governor Haji Mohammad Anwar addressed audience and said, “I would like to thank AYNSO for such initiatives that they host programs regarding advocacy, elections and women rights in order to increase the awareness of people in different villages and districts. We previously also noticed rural working group meetings in Surkhroad district and people were very happy that their concerns are communicated with government officials. We also promise to cooperate with people and seek solutions for their concerns.”
Then member of Scholars council Mr. Azizurahman spoke to audience and thanked AYNSO for these kinds of effective programs. He also referred to women’s right from Islamic perspective and added that regarding women’s right it is clearly stated in Holy Quran. He urged all the participants to spread this message to their neighbors and respect women and eliminate violence.

In last part the audiences were requested to state their questions where the participants asked,
1-    Is this program a campaign by one of the candidates or political figures or it is only for people?
2-    AYNSO will host town hall meetings; can we be part of it too?
3-    Are these programs conducted in schools or not?

Mr. Qudratullah Shekib AYNSO Program Coordinator for Nangarhar province said, “Let me tell you that, AYNSO is non-political, non-partisan and none government organization and is only in support of youths, publics and citizens in 34 provinces of the country. Our programs are funded by IRI which advances democracy worldwide.” He also said that the participants can 100% participate in the AYNSO organized town hall meetings which will be held in near future. And for the last question Mr. Shikib said that in these meetings and programs that AYNSO host school students are invited and they fully take part, however your suggestions will be shared with Main office and we will let you know in the future.
The meeting finally ended at 2:00 after the participants were served with lunch and transportation expenses.




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