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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 16:41

Date: 12/05/2013
No. of Participants: 50 All Male
Subject: Voting Training Workshop
Location: Conference hall of Omid Restaurant
Key attendees: Tribal Elder Shikh Sarwarudin, Influential Elder Kasawall, District Mayor Meer Usman, Religious Scholar Imamudin and AYNSO PC for Kochi Committee Sayed Khan Ahmad Zai.
AYNSO Kochi Committee in Kabul province held a training workshop on Civic/Voter Education on Sunday May12th in conference hall of Omid Restaurant in which total of 50 individuals (all males) representing different parts of Kochi tribe participated. The workshop began with recitation of holly Quran and brief introduction of the program by AYNSO Kochi Committee representative who pointed out the three major issues which were Good Governance and Advocacy, Women’s Right and Elections. Each of the topics took 60-90 minutes training including Q&A by the participants.
The participants were asked to write down all the important issues on their notebooks given by AYNSO and urged them to share it with their families, relative and other villagers so that to increase their awareness and responsibilities towards their societies.
Religious Scholar Imamudin promised in this meeting that he would address to the people about good governance and elections on Friday prayers, so that people become aware that how voting is an important legitimate right of every eligible citizen. Mr. Imamudin also talked about women’s right from an Islamic perspective and said both men and women have equal rights. Therefore our society must fight hard to eliminate violence against women in the country.  
Since this kind of meeting was new for the participants, they all took full part and showed great enthusiasm on sharing the information that they have learned in this informative gathering.
Finally the workshop ended at 2:00 after the participants were served lunch in Omid Restaurant.  





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