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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 16:54

District: Ahmad Abad
Number of Participants: 20 (All Males)
Date: 21 May 2013
Location: Almadina Hotel and Restaurant
Key attendees: Rahim Mohabat Lecturer for Pamir University, Ilhamudin Literature lecturer for Shikh Zahid University, and AYNSO PC Juma Gul Anzor.

The provincial chapter of AYNSO in Khost province held its Rural Working Group meeting in Almadina Hotel and restaurant l in Ahmad Abad district where an official from University Shikh Zahid, youths, teachers and elders participated. After the recitation of Holy Quran at the very beginning, AYNSO provincial chairman, Juma Gul Anzor, briefly explained AYNSO activities and purpose of today’s meeting to the participants and urged them to actively take part.
At first stage of the program the participants were given notebooks and pens to list down their community concerns individually that the instruction was fully provided by AYNSO PC and they were divided in groups of 4 (A,B,C, and D)  that each group was responsible to prioritize their community concerns.
The groups majorly focused on insecurity, Unemployment, Upcoming Presidential Elections and Educational Challenges.
Group A stated the following issues as main concerns of community:
a-     Interference of foreign forces in security issues.
b-    Illiteracy and Poverty.
c-    Lack of professional and trained security personnel.
Group B:
a-     Decades of war and civil war.
b-    Lack of economic resources and industries.
c-    Lack of small and big firm industries and factories and dependency on foreign support.
Group C:
a-    Insecurity challenges.
b-    Lack of economic Stability.
c-    Public awareness programs for people regarding elections.
Group D:
a-     Lack of skilled and professional teachers.
b-    Illiteracy and Poverty.
c-    Lack of a contemporary curriculum.
The groups finally decided a list of prioritized issues out of these four groups after presentations were given by every representative of the group (A,B,C, and D).
Prioritized Issues:
1-    Lack of security and insufficient security personnel.
2-    Unemployment and poverty.  
3-    Lack of educational books, schools and teachers.
4-    Lack of transparent and stable government.
5-    Lack of industries and factories.
These were the prioritized issue that the participants collected and discussed with officials in the meeting and asked for proper follow ups.
The officials in meeting from Shikh Zahid Universit and Pamir University thanked AYNSO and promised that they would discuss these challenges regarding education with education department authorities, however they said that the security issues and challenges need to be addressed to security officials.
The meeting finally ended at 3:00 pm after the participants were served lunch and transportation expenses were paid to them.




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