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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 17:01

District: 7thDistrict
Date: 23 May 2013
Location: K.F.C (Kabul Fried Chicken) Restaurant
No. Participants: 20 (All males)
Subject: Unemployment, Drug Addiction, Education
Key Attendees: MP Mohammd Nazir, Hajji Razi Khan Tribal Elder, Janan Tribal Elder, Rahmat Shah Secretary of MP Mohammad Nazir, Fazal Khan Consultant on social and ethical issues and Sayed Khan AYNSO PC for Kochi Committee.
AYNSO leadership held its Rural Working Group meeting at KFC (Kabul Fried Chicken) Hotel and restaurant, district 7th, Kabul city where an official from Lower house of parliament, youths, teachers and elders participated. After the recitation of Holy Quran at the very beginning, AYNSO provincial chairman, Sayed Khan, briefly explained AYNSO activities and purpose of today’s meeting to the participants and urged them to actively take part.
At first stage of the program the participants were given notebooks and pens to list down their community concerns individually that the instruction was fully provided by AYNSO PC and they were divided in groups of 4 (A,B,C, and D)  that each group was responsible to prioritize their community concern.
The groups majorly focused on insecurity, Unemployment, Drug Addiction and Educational Challenges.
The participants fully took part in this program and prioritized their main concerns on the charts that later presented. In the meantime MP Mohammad Nazir termed such meetings very crucial in the current situation of Afghanistan and said that unemployment is a big factor to drug addiction and the government is fully responsible to provide employment opportunities to youths in this city. He also thanked AYNSO for this program and said that he has been the witness for effective programs that AYNSO is conducting throughout the country.
The meeting finally ended at 3:00 pm after the participants were served lunch and transportation expenses were paid to them.





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