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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 18:39

Grant number: 8180 IRI (international Republican Institute)

Date: 09/May/2013
Location: Isteqlaal Hotel and Restaurant
No. Participants: 203 (140 Males, 63 Females)
Key Attendees: Head of Department of Counter Narcotic of Herat Mr. Ghulam Jailani Daqiq, head of Department of Public Health Dr. Mohammad Sayed Rashid, deputy head of Department of Education of Herat Mr. Abdul Rahman Sarwari and Assadullah Berang AYNSO Project Manager.
As the town hall meeting focused on three issues which were prioritized in advance by carrying a rural working group in district level, in which three issues concerned in this town hall meeting was as follow:
1.    Education problems
2.    Municipality problems
3.    Drug addicts and increasing its numbers.

AYNO Provincial chapter in Herat province held its town hall meeting in Isteqaal Hotel and Restaurant on 9th.05 2013 where 203 people including 63 women, government officials, and influential elders, and teachers, members of civil society, youths and students participated to discuss major concerns of Herat people which were 1- Education challenges, 2- Municipality challenges, 3- Increasing the number of drug addicted.
The meeting began at 10:00 with recitation of holy Quran by Mr. Amin one of the participants and then Mr. Berang AYNSO PC welcomed all the participants and gave 15 minutes briefing of the program as well as its purpose. Mr. Berang also discussed AYNSO activities throughout the country that has been carried out in the past few years and benefits to the society and reach out to their concerns.
AYNSO, addressed to those departments that the challenges directly refer to them and send invitation letter to all three departments (Education department, Municipality department, counter narcotic department and public health department) in order to have answers to the questions and share their achievements.

In addition, the number of participants was more than expected and our planning, in this town hall which the number exceed from 200 participants (63 female & more than 137 male) with great mixture with contribution of Mulas, elders, high exposed personalities, village lords, students, various shuras, members   society organizations, AYNSO active members attended this town hall meeting.
Then the participants were given chance to ask their questions they had which were:
1.    How much budget the government spent on poppy eradication and what was the outcome?
2.    Currently what is the rate of cultivation of poppy at the provincial level of Herat?
3.    Is awareness program effective in this section if yes, how?
4.    Do we have any standard hospital to treat addicted people in this province?
Dr. Ghulam Sayed Rashid head of Department of Public Health, in first stage, accepted all the challenges and started with describing the public health department planning for upcoming future and current ongoing projects, he added that in Ghoryan and Kohsan districts of Herat province a twenty bed hospital will be built for addicts, second, shelters for addicts is already under establishment which has the capacity of hosting 30 addict patient, third, a clinic is under plan to be constructed for police army, the last but not the least he added that a 100 bed hospital for addicts is in planning to be built near Guzara district at the earliest possible, concern to unfair medicine distribution he said that we are distributing the medicine according to plan and if there is any doubt or prove for unfair distribution please share it.
Mr. Ghulam Jailani Daqiq head of Department of Counter Narcotics directly started with answering questions. In first step, he implied that 250 beds added in the hospitals for drug adducted people in this province, he mentioned that six private addicts hospital is currently working in Herat province. He also said that in 2012, existing shelters collected 150 addicts and toke them under treatment, concern to awareness program he mentioned that counter narcotics department run an awareness in several context program for 10,050 people, as six meeting in cooperation with pilgrimage department that Mullahs and various Shura members aware people about harms of drugs which had a great media coverage. He added that we purchased tractors for majority of Herat districts, the last but not the least he added that insufficient budget and illiteracy is major problem.
Then the second community key challenge which was concern to education department, the participants had a lot of questions:
1.    Education (schools) should be protected from infestation.
2.    What is the future plan of education department? Was the previous planning perfect from all dimensions?
3.    Why is the school books sold in public market, how the books flow in the market for sale in such situation that in majority of the schools are running with luck of books?
Concern to all the questions, the deputy of education department Mr. Abdul Rahman Sarwari responded in very unclear way, he added that in concern to competing the books school for students and distribution process, education department already has given the authority to ministry which is currently working in this context, he added that education department inaugurate a school in Gulran district, he said that we have the plan for those teachers who are baccalaureate to provide them professional education, also he added that concern to building new schools we have engineering team that directly monitoring this process, he mentioned that in context to hiring of teachers there is a huge demand but the ministry of education has limited capacity (budget) as will the allocation for hiring of new teachers for Herat education department is limited, he accepted all the claims from participant side in this meeting one by one he said that we have luck of teachers, luck of books in school, corruption and forgery and etc.
At 02:00 PM the program ended (having lunch and transport distribution)

Problems: after long discussion and verbal fighting between education department authorities and participants of the town hall meeting, the people one by one blame the education department and other departments authorities who attended this meeting in front of the media and showed their intense hatred for their unclear responses as will fault planning and much more.





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