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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 18:43

Date: 15 May 20113
Location: Taaj Telaayee Hotel and Restaurant
No. Participants: 215 (143 Males, 72 Females)
Key Attendees: Dr. Mohammad Nadir Alimi chief of psychiatrists association, Mr. Nayebi provincial councilor, Jan Mohammad head of admin and finance for Mazar Municipality, Engineer Abdul Hakim chief of WFP organization, Abdul Sami Quraishi chief of Teachers Training department, Mr. Wafaye deputy chief of NDS, Mohammad Hamayun security advisor of Education department, Hafizullah chief of NGOs for economy department, AzimulaHaq chief of youth affairs directorate, Rakia Ahmadi chief of public work affairs department, Mr. Wakil representative of GIZ office, Mohammad Azim Karimi AYNSO PC, and Khair Mohammad deputy PC of AYNSO.
AYNSO held its town hall meeting in the conference hall of (Taaj Tellayee Hotel and Restaurant) in Balkh province in which total of 215 people including 72 women participated. In this gathering elected and appointed officials from national and provincial councils, chiefs and representatives of government agencies, traders, elders, influential leaders, Mohammad Azim Karimi the PC chief of AYNSO, Khair Mohammad Amiri deputy PC of AYNSO, youths and students participated in order to discuss the prioritized challenges which were1-Violence against women and children, 2- Extensive corruption in private and government agencies, 3-Youths unemployment and 4- Lack of skilled school teachers., and suggest solutions to these concerns and then communicate them with the government authorities through central office of AYNSO.
Based on the agenda, the meeting began at 9:00 am with recitation of holly Quran by Mr. Khair Mohammad followed by national anthem and then Mohammad Azim Karimi the PC of AYNSO in addition to welcoming; briefed the participants, guests, and officials about AYNSO, its mission and programs which take place in 34 provinces. Mr. Karimi also addressed goals and objectives of today’s program to the participants and urged them to actively take part. He requested all the audience to list and write down their questions about the mentioned issues that officials were supposed to provide answers.

Mr. Nayebi provincial councilor spoke to the audience and thanked AYNSO for this kind of effective program that has been taking place in Balkh province not for the first time, he also promised to the audience to provide clear answers to the questions that people would ask from every concerned department official.
Then the participants were given time to ask their questions after lunch.
1-    Mr. Haqyaar asked, “Why the education department does not consider skilled teachers and enough books for students in a lot of schools in Balkh province?”
Mr. Nayebi responded that according to the plan of education directorate, books have been distributed to the schools and for those schools which have not received enough books, they will contact with ministry of education in order to receive more material. As long as skilled teachers are concerned, education department will conduct seminars for teachers to increase their capacity in near future which will benefit more than 300 teachers.
2-    Miss. Najiba asked, “Violence against women and children is a big concern in Balkh province and a lot of women either commit suicide or leave the house to save their life, why the government agencies are quite?”
Ms. Rakia head of Department of Labor and Social Affairs said, “Yes we agree that this phenomenon has been a problem. But this all happens due lack of awareness and literacy. Otherwise Islam has clearly stated about rights of women and children, until our own people do not fight this challenge, international community cannot vanish it. Therefore, I would ask Mullahs to preach about violence and women rights on Friday prayers.”
3-    Mr. Yaqoob asked, “There are a lot of local and international agencies to fight against corruption, but still in both private and government agencies we observe corruption, then what is the purpose of existence of these organizations?”
Abdul Hakim chief of WFP organization said, “Corruption will be vanished the day when the public themselves stop bribing officials, some of our people bribe government officials in order to get their work done very soon, that’s why corruption will never stop unless we fight it ourselves. Therefore, if you run into such situation, please cooperate with your government and introduce criminals to the government, so that they are introduced to attorney departments.”
The officials and participants thanked AYNSO for such effective program and requested to increase the number of such programs at district level, so that people can get aware.
The meeting finally ended at 4:00 PM after the participants were paid transportation expenses.






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