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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 18:45

Date: 07/05/2013
No. Participants: 213 (162 Males, 51 Females)
Location: Hall of Haji Fazel Hotel and Restaurant
Key Attendees: Representative of Nangrahar Governor Office and Admin and Finance In charge Qareebullah Hijrat, Provincial Councilor Abdul Basir Gulab, Chief of youth affairs for Nangarhar province Matiullah Ahmadzai, Abdul Basir Sabawon chief of supervision and evaluation committee for human rights, chief of civil society and rights Dr. Nimatullah Hamdard, chief of disabled union Masood Safi, representative of UNAMA office Abdul Wahid, Chief of women affairs department Toorpekai, adviser to social affairs department Noor Agha Zwak, deputy head of youths federation Noorzia Lodin, Manager to UNFPA in Nangarhar Nooria Saalih, district representatives Ahmad Zahir, AYNSO Provincial Chairman Noor Ahmad Noorani and AYNSO Program Coordinator Qudratullah Shikib.
AYNO Provincial chapter in Nangarhar province held its town hall meeting in Haji Fazel Hotel and Restaurant on 07.05.2013 where 213 people including 51 women, government officials, and influential elders, and teachers, members of civil society, youths and students participated to discuss major concerns of Nangarhar people which were 1-Unempoylment, 2- Educational Challenges
The meeting began at 10:00 with recitation of holy Quran by Mr. Mohammad Kareem and then Mr. Noor Ahmad Noorani  AYNSO PC welcomed all the participants and gave 15 minutes briefing of the program as well as its purpose. Mr. Noorani also discussed AYNSO activities throughout the country that has been carried out in the past few years and benefits to the society and reach out to their concerns.
 The four chief guests who were invited to address the questions of audience were:
1-    Representative of Nangrahar Governor Office and Admin and Finance In charge Qareebullah Hijrat.
2-    Chief of youth affairs for Nangarhar province Matiullah Ahmadzai.
3-    Abdul Basir Sabawon chief of supervision and evaluation committee for human rights.
4-    Chief of civil society and rights Dr. Nimatullah Hamdard.

Then Mr. Qareebullah Hijrat Representative of Nangrahar Governor Office addressed to audience and said, “On behalf of People of Nangarhar province I really appreciate this initiative of AYNSO leadership that functions as a bridge between the people and government and communicate their voice. These kinds of activities and programs are particularly designed for benefits of people and if they are followed properly it will surely decrease the unemployment and educational challenges that we face today.”
Later, audiences were given one hour time to have question and answer session.
1-    Mr. Himat Mal asked, “What are the achievements of Governor’s office for people so far?
2-    Mr. Attaullah the spokesperson for Disabled union asked, “What have been done so far in order to create employment opportunities for youths?”
3-    Qazi Shaid representative of youth in Shewa district said, “There are a lot of youths that have remained unrolled in the universities, what are the plans of education department and role of youth affairs department in this regard?”
4-    What are the actions of Provincial office for Goshta district? Asked Ms. Sayeda.
Mr. Qareebullah Hijrat in response to first question said, “To a great level we have tried our best and still keep working on our projects, for example establishing of schools, clinics and public welfare projects in Surkhroad and Kama districts are among the recent achievements we have had in the past one year.
Then Mr. Matiullah Ahmad Zai responded, “We have helped our people in terms of employment opportunities and those organizations who seek for employees, we have introduced a lot of youths to them, but this is not only the responsibility of us, the government also has a major role in order to provide jobs for people in this province and that could be possible by establishing factories, industries and vocational institutions.”
Mr. Matiullah AhmazdZai also said that they have introduced a number of youths to the private universities and they have also discussed with education department to facilitate education opportunities for these students in vocational and semi-higher education institutes. All of these tuition will be provided free of cost to these students.
And lastly Dr. Nimatullah Hamdard said, “As far as Goshta district is concerned, we have accomplished our duty which was to discuss with government agencies and security officials, now how they plan and execute their programs does not relate to our department, but we can provide you updates once we receive it.”
Finally the participants were served lunch at the Haji Fazil restaurant and the meeting ended at 2:00 pm





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