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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 18:53

Date: 29/05/3013
No. Participants: 220 (129 Males, 91 Females)
Location: Mawla Ali Hotel and Restaurant
Key Attendees: Sayed Jalal Sadid deputy chief of municipality department, Mohammd Nasim Sadat deputy director of education directorate, Samarudin the chief of Olympic for Sar-e-Pull, Influential Elder Haji Kareem, religious Scholar Imam Nazar, and AYNSO PC Ghyasuddin.
AYNO Provincial chapter in Sar-e-pull province held its town hall meeting in Mawla Ali Hotel and Restaurant on 29th.05 2013 where 220 people including 91 women, government officials, and influential elders, and teachers, members of civil society, youths and students participated to discuss major concerns of Sar-e-pull people which were 1-Fair democracy, 2- Removing the gap between government and public.
The meeting began at 10:00 AM with recitation of holy Quran by Mr. Sarwar one of the participants and then Mr. Ghyasuddin AYNSO PC welcomed all the participants and gave 15 minutes briefing of the program as well as its purpose. Mr. Ghyasudding also discussed AYNSO activities throughout the country that has been carried out in the past few years and benefits to the society and reach out to their concerns.
Then the deputy chief of Admin and Finance for Sar-e-Pull municipality addressed to audience where he said, “First I would like to thank AYNSO for such extensive program and really these kinds of activities and programs are particularly designed for benefits of people and if they are followed properly it will surely remove the gap between people and government that our people do not trust their government. I urge people to support and work with the government on the other hand I request from government officials and representatives in this meeting to work in close coordination and reach to the problems of our citizens.”
Later, acting director of Department of Economy stated his views to the people and said that they are in full support of public and would be acting as a bridge between government and public. He also pointed out about close follow up programs regarding welfare projects that recently have been started to benefit people in Sar-e-Pull Province.
Then participants were given time to state their questions and officials provided answers.

Abdul Jamil one of the participants asked, “You ask us to support and trust the government, how can we trust the government that it has been more than 3 months that the government promised to pave the roads and streets but still no action is taken despite the fact that this is a public way and people commute every day?”
Mr. Sayed Jalal Sadid Deputy of municipality department said, “We agree that three months ago the work project to pave the roads was started, but due to the problem with the contracting company we had to change them and contract with new company that it delayed our work, but I promise you that in very near future this 8Km road which is a public way will be paved and we will start with rest of the districts based on municipality development plans.”
Mr. Sadid also said that they have contracted with a private company to pave the Pul-e-Kheshty road in next four months which is considered as a city road for people.
Then Mohammd Nasim Sadat deputy director of education directorate in his responses told people that in the next 6 months 800 teachers will be provided professional training and they will be assigned to schools which have lack of professional and skilled personnel and it will solve almost 80% problems of the students.
And lastly, Samarudin the chief of Olympic in his responses to questions said, “I promise that in one month with support of municipality department we will build a soccer stadium and running tracks and on the second phase, sports grounds for female athletes will be established so that our youth are involved in sports and do not addict to drugs and illegal acts.”
He also reiterated that in next 6 months there will be a lot of sports grounds for both males and females with support of Sar-e-Pull governor’s office. And it will decrease the problems that sportsmen/women had in recent past years.
Finally before lunch there was a Kung Fu show by school students which attracted everyone in the gathering and later the participants were served lunch and transportation fares and the meeting ended at 3:45 pm.





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