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Tuesday, 18 June 2013 18:56

Date: 26 May 2013
Location: Takhar Palace Hotel
No. Participants: 206 (168 Males, 38 Females)
Key Attendees: Dr. Shafiq Deputy head of Public health department, Abdul Raouf Acting chief of Agriculture department, Mohammad Akbar Representative of Municipality department, Sefatullah Chief of Information and Culture department and Hafizullah AYNSO PC for Takhar province.
AYNO Provincial chapter in Takhar province held its town hall meeting in Takhar Palace Hotel and Restaurant on 26th.05 2013 where 206 people including 38 women, government officials, and influential elders, and teachers, members of civil society, youths and students participated to discuss major concerns of Takhar people which were 1- Agricultural challenges, 2- Municipality challenges, 3- Lack of public health care facilities.
The meeting began at 10:00 AM with recitation of holy Quran by Mr. Amin one of the participants and then Mr. Hafiz AYNSO PC welcomed all the participants and gave 15 minutes briefing of the program as well as its purpose. Mr. Hafiz also discussed AYNSO activities throughout the country that has been carried out in the past few years and benefits to the society and reach out to their concerns.
In this gathering officials were asked to address to the audience regarding challenges and propose ways of solutions. They were also asked by the organizers of the program to response to the questions that audiences asked.
The four officials who responded to the questions were
1-    Chief of Public health department Dr. Shafiq.
2-    Abdul Raouf Acting chief of Agriculture department.
3-    Mohammad Akbar Representative of Municipality department.
4-    Sefatullah Chief of Information and Culture department.
The audience one by one asked their questions from officials regarding agriculture and health care challenges as below:

Questions regarding Agriculture:
1-    Why there aren’t proper procedures to protect fruits in particular melon from spoiling?
2-    What are the measures in order to increase awareness of farmers by agriculture department?
3-    Forests and trees are cut and they are used for personal purposes, why doesn’t the department of agriculture prevent this?
4-    Why isn’t the department of agriculture distributing cultivation seeds to farmers?
Abdul Raouf Acting chief of Agriculture department responded, “Brother regarding the first question I should say that the agriculture department has assigned working teams in different places to sprinkle medicine in areas where there are a lot of worms and grasshoppers. I would also like to point out regarding the second question which was about increasing capacities of farmers. We are going to have preventive agriculture wastage programs for more than 4732 farmers and train 870 more farmers in order to protect agriculture fields and later on they will cooperate with other farmers in the districts and villages.”
Mr. Raouf also said that in some districts people cut the forests and use for their personal use, but they have now closely restricted and it will not happen in the future anymore and for the last question he said, “Agriculture department every year distributes seeds and plants to farmers to cultivate and this year as well we have distributed to a number of cities and districts according to our plan, but it does not mean that we are not accomplishing our goals.”
Questions regarding municipality challenges:
1-    The bridge, close the 3rd Police district, was planned to be built over a year ago but still no actions taken why?”
2-    There are a lot of vendors that have made shops in the greenery park in Taliqaan city, why the municipality department does not take any action?”
3-    The money which is collected from people for the sake of city cleaning, does the department spend that or not?”
Mohammad Akbar Representative of Municipality department said, “We have contracted with a construction company the work project for rebuilding the bridges will start soon.”
Regarding second question Mr. Akbar said that, the place where the people have made shops in fact according to municipality plan is designed for market and it is not part of the public park and is a government property. And lastly Mr. Akbar said, “Brother! This money which is collected is majorly spent in two sections, 1- Salaries of municipality labors 2- developmental programs.”

Questions regarding public health:
1-    Why the doctors do not behave well with patients?”
2-    Doctors come to the country who claim to be specialists, are they properly monitored and evaluated?”
3-    Some doctors prescribe medication to patients without signature or stamp.
Dr. Shafiq Deputy head of Public health department said, “We have heard this complaint from a lot of patients, and we are going to control this problem, also I have request from my people that please if you run into this problem, inform us so that we introduce them to judicial courts. It is very apparent that a patient has ten rights but a doctor has only one right on patients. Therefore they have to behave well.”
Dr. Shafiq in his words said that doctors who come from foreign countries need to be assessed and observed by three ministries, which are ministry of public health, ministry of labor and social affairs and ministry of foreign affairs.
And lastly he said that if the doctors prescribe medication without stamp and signatures need to be introduced to attorney departments, they only act to be doctors, but are not specialized, therefore, please do not get prescriptions from doctors who do not sign or stamp it.”
Haji Amanullah former provincial councilor termed such meetings and gathering really important and said that it would remove the gap between government and public. He thanked the organizers of this program and reiterated that it should not be the first and last meeting.
Finally the meeting ended at 3:45 pm after the participants were served lunch and transportation fares were paid to them.




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